Obstetrics & Gynecology


Our Obstetrics and Gynecology also known as “Gynaecology”departmentoffers holistic services for the reproductive and gynaecological needs of a woman in a comprehensive and dedicated manner. Our team of obstetricians and gynecologists work with patients to ensure high-quality treatment in a family centred environment. The department provides for the complete range of medical facilities to maintain gynaecological health throughout different phases in a womans life from pre-reproductive to childbearing and post-menopausal years.

One of the biggest challenges for today women is prioritising their own health and sanitation. This negligence can be very risky and can lead to certaingynaecological problems with time. Vaginitis and urinary tract infection to name a few. Most women experience ovarian cysts at least once but are painless and cause no symptoms. In rare cases, the cyst can cause serious problems, so a regular examination of the body is very important. Premenstrual symptoms occur five to eleven days before menstruation due to the increased level of oestrogen and progesterone. Abnormal uterine bleeding also called dysfunctional uterine bleeding is a condition that occurs outside regular menstrual cycle. If any severe DUB symptoms like dizziness, weakness, pain, low blood pressure start to appear, medical help should be immediately taken.

Scope of Services (OBGYN)

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common disorders.
  • Colposcopy.
  • Cervical Biopsy.
  • Major surgeries including Hysterectomy by abdominal/vaginal/laparoscopic route.
  • Investigation and management of infertility.
  • Laparotomy for fibroid, ovarian mass.
  • Conservative surgery for prolapse.
  • Care of high-risk pregnancy.
  • Antenatal, natal and postnatal care.
  • Facility for immediate newborn care.

Technology (OBGYN)

We at Asian Yamuna Vihar, commit to deliver world-class health care services. We have well-equipped labor rooms with foetal monitors and baby resuscitation equipments. LDR Suites for delivery and high-end multifunctional monitors. Also, we have cancer screening facilities including colposcopy and an Adolescent and Menopause Clinic.

Our team of doctors specialise in Gynae plastic surgeries and laparoscopic surgery of Gynae malignancy.

Our vision is to provide quality healthcare services at competitive prices at the doorstep of the patients. We aim that our hospital leaves an indelible mark in the heart of every patient and their family members.