The Asian Institute of Neurology is well trained in dealing with all kinds of Neurological Disorders. The department of Neurology is committed to coordinate their remarkable medical expertise, latest technology labs and innovation to deliver best in class treatments for all patients.

The Department of Neurology boasts of a highly adept team of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, critical care experts and experienced nurses who work in unity to deliver the most extensive care.

The Neurological Disorders followed by Treatment are:

1. Stroke

Stroke occurs when blood cant flowed properly to brain that results in rapid loss in functioning of brain by which brain affected parts stopped working, which further results in several inabilities like the inability to see one side of the visual field or inability to understand or formulate speech, deviators of face etc.


Emergency Management of Stroke:

  • Thrombolytic Therapy of stroke using rt-Pa.
  • Neuro-interventional therapy for stroke under the supervision of Interventional Neuro-radiologist.

Primary Stroke Prevention:

  • Recognition of potential & reversible stroke risk factors

2. Epilepsy

Epilepsy occurs when nerve cells in brain gets disrupted, causing seizures or periods of strange behavior, and sometimes loss of recognition or consciousness.


  • Extensive and compassionate care to patients with seizure disorders.
  • Sophisticated tests like EEG and video EEG.
  • Correct diagnosis and medication prescription counseling.
  • MRI scan to diagnose the cause of epilepsy

3. Movement disorder and Parkinson Disorder

It occur when nerve cells in the brain stop generating a chemical or neurotransmitter called dopamine that control brain’s reward and pleasure centers. In general terms, when there is difficulty with movement, coordination, and walking.


  • We offer Deep Brain Stimulation, which is a surgical technique to control or ease the symptoms of Parkinson Disorder
  • Medication programs
  • Medication programs Inj. Botulinum toxin to reduce the excess muscle activity in the brain

4. Behavioral Neurology

These are disorders of brain, such as behavior, language, memory, problem-solving and impact of neurological injury and disorders upon these functions is known as Behavioral Neurology.


  • Cognitive Therapy Treatments
  • Minimally invasive surgeries for selected cases.
  • Complete treatment for Epileptic care services.
  • Cerebral stroke programs

5. Pediatric Neurology and Child Development

As name indicates, these are neurological problems in newborn babies and children up through young adulthood. Our team has the ability to treat the rare and complex condition of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and the nervous system.


  • Comprehensive Programs to Help Neurological Disorders in Children such as epilepsy, seizure disorders, and neuromuscular disorders
  • EEG – electroencephalogram
  • EMG – electromyogram
  • Nerve conduction velocity
  • Muscle biopsy
  • Sleep monitoring

6. Headache and Migraine

The Disorders of Headache 7 Migraine are of several types like tension-type headache, cluster headaches, and migraine.


  • Inj Botulinum toxin is available by expert neurologists.
  • The department is committed to quality diagnosis and complete management of headaches.
  • Facility of MRI and CT scan to diagnose the cause of headaches

Other Treatments :

  • Micro Neurosurgery is the treatment procedure for the neurological disorders related to the brain, spine and spinal cord, which makes the most neurosurgeries safer.
  • Neuroendoscopy allows neurosurgeons to access those parts of the brain that cannot be reached with traditional surgery. In this, minimally invasive surgery neurosurgeons remove the tumor by making small holes in the skull.
  • Neurosurgical operations like endoscopic third ventriculostomy and endoscopic removal of colloid cyst.
  • CT, MRI, PET/CT.

Asian Samra provides all these treatments in well equipped lab using latest technologies:

Clinical Electroencephalography Lab

Our Electroencephalography Lab is equipped with exceptional digital equipment and well-trained technologists. It provides testing for patients with possible seizure disorders.

Nerve conduction and EMG LAB

We have nerve conduction and EMG Lab for the more complex Electro-diagnostic such as:

  • Neuromuscular junction testing
  • Single fiber EMG
  • Laryngeal EMG