Medical Oncology

The medical oncology department at Asian Samra offers specialized care to its patients along with consultation from experts of different departments. Asian Samra has a dedicated team of experienced physicians, nurses, pharmacist, technicians, and coordinators. The Cancer Department at Asian Samra has the expertise to handle pediatric, hematoma and adult cancers.

There are several types of cancers of which some are more difficult to cure. Cancers such as ovarian, prostate and breast are considered hereditary. Most cancers are escapable if diagnosed or detected at an early stage.

There are several subsidize factors for cancers such as smoking, drinking, high amount of salt intake and chronic pancreatitis. It can also be due to some other factors like obesity that tends to run in families and influence cancer risk.


  • Asian Samra has a well equipped in-house pharmacy for all oncology medicines.
  • We have an advanced cancer diagnostic facility in our hospital with MRI, Mammogram, CT & High Resolution Scanners.
  • Day Care chemotherapy unit
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • All the latest technologies and equipment are used in cancer department to remove cancer.

**The cancer department at Asian Samra provides following treatment modalities:**


Chemotherapy is a treatment which is used to cure and control the symptoms of cancer. Chemotherapy use drugs to kill the cancer cells and also helps in preventing cancer from spreading to other body parts. Chemotherapy shrinks the tumor that’s why it is used before the surgery. Chemotherapy is used to cure cancer, as cancer cells grow and spread much more hastily in body in comparison to other ones.

The therapies come under this:

  • Intra-arterial
  • Intra-peritoneal
  • Intrathecal
  • Intravenous
  • All the latest technologies and equipment are used in cancer department to remove cancer.

Dedicated Daycare Therapy Facility

The specialized day care units are available at Asian Samra that is well equipped with the latest medical support and facility. A highly experienced team of specialists and nursing staff are available at these units to deliver the best treatment to our patients.

The therapies come under this:

  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Biological Therapy
  • Palliative Care

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses high octane radiation to cure and control cancer symptoms. Doctors use radiation therapy to treat cancer or to mitigate a cancer patient’s pain. Asian Samra uses modern technology to make this conceivable. Generally radiation therapy is used along with chemotherapy for larger tumors

The therapies come under this:

  • Photon Treatment
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • Conventional Radiation Therapy
  • 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy