ICU and Operation Theatres

ICU stands for intensive care unit or critical care unit. In general terms, it is the place where patients are to admitted under very critical condition and providing them the intensive care to recover. The staff of ICU is highly experienced includes specialized doctors for surgeries and nurse for intensive care of patients.

At Asian Samra, ICU was designed using the most advanced medical technology to offer compassionate care to patients of all age groups. We have latest central monitoring systems, modern ICCU and ICU with skilled intensives and highly modernized operation theaters with over 100 monitor beds.

When & Why ICU is needed?

  • Intensive Care Unit is basically used in emergency surgeries & treatments.
  • It is used under accidental emergency or critical cases.
  • It is also used under severe injuries.
  • It is used under pregnancy complications also.

Guidelines needed for ICU:

  • There are proper timings for visitors to visit ICU.
  • Only highly specialized staff are to perform all treatments.
  • Doctor should visit in Morning, Evening & Night to check patient.
  • ICU staff can only leave the room for short period of time.

Facilities related to operation theatre:

  • 11 modular Operation Theatres for Aesthetic surgery, which are equipped with modern LED Trilux Aurinio Lighting and fitted with a Trilux Media Bridge.
  • Operation theaters are rigged with HEPA filter with Laminar flow.
  • Automated patient and data transfer among multiple departments ensuring a comprehensive patient record.
  • Operation theaters within Asian Samra with a special team of anesthesiologists who provide excellent medical care for patients.
  • Exclusive multi-parameter monitoring and care manned 24 hours a day by experienced intensives.

Facilities related to treatment:

  • Motorized OT table
  • Endoscopy Storz unit
  • C-arm with lithotripsy unit
  • Valley lab cautery machine
  • State-of-art anesthesia machine
  • Facility like hem dialysis within the ICU.
  • Latest central monitoring systems, modern ICCU and ICU with skilled intensives.
  • Latest operative equipment such as Microscopes, image intensifiers with DSA, Laparoscopic equipment, Harmonic, RFA and other sources of energy like a laser.
  • Harmonic scalpel
  • X-ray Viewer
  • Equipment Storage Unit
  • Pressure Relief Damper